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ARK 21Shares Blockchain and Digital Economy Innovation ETF

As of Jul 19, 2024
Net Asset Value:
As of Jul 19, 2024
Net Asset Value:
ARK 21Shares Blockchain and Digital Economy Innovation ETF (ARKD) is one of the first actively managed exchange-traded funds (ETF) to invest in digital asset futures (bitcoin and ether) and public equities of companies engaged in the blockchain industry and/or digital economy, providing holistic exposure to the growth of blockchain technology. ARKD focuses on a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio of equities through a proprietary valuation model.
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Investment Objective

The Fund’s objective is capital appreciation.

Fund Strategy

ARKD aims to optimize performance through actively managed allocations to bitcoin futures, ether futures, and concentrated positions in the equities of companies engaged in the blockchain industry and/or digital economy, which represent our highest-conviction investment ideas. At a neutral weighting, the Fund is equally allocated to futures and equities though it may allocate up to 80% to either bitcoin futures or other assets. The Fund may invest up to 25% in ether futures. The Fund does not invest directly in bitcoin, ether, or other digital assets, or maintain direct exposure to “spot” bitcoin or “spot” ether.


Neither the Fund nor Underlying ETFs invest directly in ether, bitcoin, or other digital assets, or maintain direct exposure to “spot” ether or bitcoin. Investors seeking direct exposure to the price of ether or bitcoin should consider an investment other than the Fund.


Growth Potential

Bitcoin was the first decentralized currency and is the largest digital asset by market cap (at over $500b*). It is well established as a digital store of value with a broad user-base and ample liquidity. ARKD offers a vehicle for this long-term strategic holding.

*Source: Glassnode - Data as of 1st Nov 2023

A Holistic Approach

By offering exposure to bitcoin futures as well as public equities and other assets that may benefit from the growing adoption of blockchain and digital assets, ARKD offers a more holistic entry point into the market, with actively managed allocations to help optimize performance.

Built for Growth

As the digital asset ecosystem grows, the opportunities for investment will increase. ARKD is built to grow along with the opportunity set, with flexibility to invest in a broad array of instruments that may capture value in the future.


As an actively managed ETF, ARKD navigates the limited universe of blockchain-oriented public equities through a proprietary valuation model, constructing a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio.

Key Information

NameARK 21Shares Blockchain and Digital Economy Innovation ETF
Inception DateNov 15, 2023
AdvisorEmpowered Funds, LLC dba EA Advisors
Sub Advisor21Shares US LLC
Sub-Sub AdvisorARK Investment Management LLC
Securities Outstanding80000
NAV per Unit$45.30
Net Assets$3,624,347.15
TypeActive Digital Asset ETF
Primary ExchangeCboe BZX Exchange, Inc.
Sales ServicesResolute Investment Distributors, Inc.
Fund DistributorQuasar Distributors, LLC

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Expense Ratio
Management Fee0.55%
Acquired Fund Fee & Expenses0.35%
Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses0.90%


As of Jul 19, 2024

Holdings are subject to change without notice

NAV and Market Price

NAV Change$1.86 | 4.44%
Median Bid/Ask Spread (30 Day)0.49%
Market Price$45.22
Market Price Change$1.86 | 4.29%


As of Jul 19, 2024
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Greatest Discount-0.19% (07/19/2024)
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